Getting started - Business Web

Main documents required from services/products providers:

1. Legal documents for the company (Commercial register / Taxation card).

2. Curriculum Vitae for the company (including company details, history of previous businesses and details of products/services offered).

3. Price offer for company products/services including normal price and exclusive discounted price for Business Web clients.

4. Marketing contract to be signed with Business Web company.

Note: Your registration with Business Web as services / products providers gives you an instant access to benefit from the exclusive offers granted to Business Web clients from our partners to satisfy your company needs from available products and services in our business network.

We offer our clients (Services/ Products Providers) an option to apply for a premium package to enjoy all of our free main services included in our basic package in addition to the following additional benefits designed especially for our premium clients:

• Basic marketing plan including professional advices to our clients based on market analysis and review of client’s current marketing and pricing strategies.

• Priority to present company offers to potential clients.

• 1 Month digital marketing services: 8 posts/month (Facebook & Instagram) including 2 paid Ads.

Premium package registration fee is EGP 5000 for first year and is subject to increase on the following years upon contract renewal.

Main documents required from services/products seekers (Only):

1. Legal documents for the company (Commercial register / Taxation Card).

2. Registration request to join Business Web network.

Note: These documents only entitle your company to benefit from the exclusive offers granted to Business Web clients from our network partners to satisfy your company needs. However, you will not have access to any of our marketing services including marketing of your company products / services to our clients.

Important Notes:

• Annual marketing contract to be signed by products/services providers before offers exchange.

• To be one of our business partners we require from our clients to grant Business Web an exclusive discounted offer for company products and services to be marketed to our business network.

• Commission to Business Web Company is only due from services/products providers for new business deals referred by us and is paid upon contract finalization.

• Commission percentage will be determined upon signing the marketing contract based on line of business and type of products/services provided.

• We ensure to obtain legal documents from all registered companies to check legitimacy of the companies, and companies are obliged to provide renewal documents for any documents which expire during the contract period.

• We conduct regular reviews for new and previous referral deals to follow up the quality of services/products provided and we provide feedback as appropriate to enhance the level of services provided through our network.

• New services/products providers are to choose between the free basic package and the premium package while signing the marketing contract based on their business needs.

• We provide our services throughout all Egypt governorates.

To register with Business Web, please follow up the registration process and you will receive a call from one of our representatives within 24 hours to discuss your business needs and to arrange for the next steps.